Concert Management

Sponsored Concert Program

Price Rubin & Partners in conjunction with the North American Artists Foundation is offering limited concert engagement opportunities with leading symphony orchestras and performing arts series in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  The Sponsored Concert Program is designed to give credentialed, highly-deserving emerging artists opportunity to perform on established concert programs.

Artists must be credentialed with professional performance experience and have substantial media online.  Opportunities to perform with orchestras require existing concerto repertoire.  Audition may be required.  Engagement opportunities are guaranteed through this program with established concert presenters and symphony orchestras.  These are not venue rental engagements.

Artists who participate in this program will be presented to music directors and series program coordinators who engage artists for immediate consideration.  Dates, location, and other engagement details are subject to presenters preferences.

Pricing: $1500 for 1 engagement/concert or $3600 for 3 engagements/concerts

For more information call Jack Price at (PRI)CER-UBIN or email at

Price Rubin Presents

Price Rubin also offers a unique service where we handle all aspects of presenting an artist in select venues.  The Price Rubin Presents Program offers emerging artists opportunities to perform in respected national and international venues via artist-directed concert programs.  Price Rubin secures the space, manages concert details and coordinates all publicity and advertising on behalf of the artist and acts as the presenting organization.

For more information contact:  Jack Price or Rebecca Broadbent at (PRI)CER-UBIN.